The compiled libraries

Three NuGet packages are available that contain the compiled DLLs:
  • UniversalSerializer
    The main package, containing the 8 main libraries.
  • UniversalSerializer.WPF
    The specific library for the WPF types.
    This package depends on the main package.
  • UniversalSerializer.Windows.Forms
    The specific library for the Windows Forms types.
    For versionning reasons, it includes the right main UniversalSerializer library. Therfore this package does not depend on the main package.

The source code

The source code archive lets you compile the serializer yourself, and make adaptations when needed.

In addition to the NuGet packages, the source code archive contains:

  • Some examples.
  • The benchmark.
  • All libraries in one archive.
    While the compiled libraries are distributed via 3 NuGet packages.

UniversalSerializer version

Date: 2018-03-30

Source code as a Rar archive file:
Size: 510 kb.
SHA-256 of Rar: E839F19AF67436EA0C4C5EF0FDB2647C2BCDF74D47DCB39592D58463DC86EA82

Source code as a Zip archive file:
Size: 810 kb.
SHA-256 of Zip: 6B1E085392256A5A38FD0229FFA13F032E67A4BDECF68223BE9880D385F0110D


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The release notes are on this page.

Older versions

Older versions can be found on CodeProject.