I removed the donation system since Stripe does not accept donations for freeware.
Consequently,, which uses Stripe, cannot accept either.

Other ways to contribute


Besides donating money, you can contribute your time by
  • helping me by testing the software on your favorite framework. And reporting defects ("bugs", for the zoologists),
  • contributing to the code (notably developing Containers),
  • drawing a set of icons for UniversalSerializer,
  • voting, on the original article on CodeProject.


You can donate hardware too. I always need to test the libraries on real hardware: Android (tablets, phones), iPhone, iPad, Macintosh, etc. There is an infinite number of combinations considering the hardware and the operating system versions.
For example, currently I do not own an Apple hardware. That is why I don't check the compiled libraries for these systems.
Please contact me at: dev [at]


Other encouragement is to support my alternative activity:
the translation of application GUIs from English to French.



If you find UniversalSerializer useful, please consider supporting the project by donating

Give time

Besides donating money, you can contribute your time

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